Live Action

Budgeting // Scheduling // Casting // Location Scouting // Shoot permits // On set work (experience in: Germany, Ghana, Egypt, France)


Pitching // Budgeting // Scheduling // Team Hiring // Coordination // Customer Communication (experienced in advertising)

Visual Effects

Pitching // Budgeting // Scheduling // Team Hiring // On set work (experienced in short film and advertising)


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Hi there,

I’m Aleksandra, mostly called “Ale”, an animation & visual effects producer from Germany with a live action producing background.

My journey in the film business started 2011 right after school with internships and freelance work in the production department of several projects and sets.

While starting to study live action producing in 2014 at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, I realized that my passion for animation and visual effects has grown ever since. That’s why I decided to specialize in that area and got my diploma in Animation & Effects Producing in April 2019.

Besides my studies I was already an established part of the organization team for the FMX – Conference of Animation, Games, Effects, VR and Transmedia. In October 2019 I joined the Woodblock family in Ludwigsburg as a producer.

In the past years I had the chance to work on breathtaking projects with talented filmmakers for national and international shootings. The success of these projects gave me the chance to attempt some of the biggest film festivals all over the world up to winning a VES and Student Oscar Award with the diploma film “The Beauty”.

Aleksandra Todorovic

Film Producer

  1. First movie watched

    in a cinema

    My big passion for film started when I went to the cinema for the very first time to watch „Lady and the tramp“. From this moment on I couldn’t miss going to the cinema. A few years later I knew straight away that I wanted to work in this industry.

  2. First dive into the

    film industry

    In order to gain experience for studying at the film academy, I started my first internship right after school at the German broadcasting channel SWR in Stuttgart.

  3. becoming a

    Film Producer

    The acceptance to study film producing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg was one of the most pleasant moments of my life.

    Working for the FMX besides my studies gave me the opportunity to get in touch with animation and vfx.

  4. Diploma &

    VES Award nomination

    Two incredible achievements in one year. We had the honor of being nominated for the 17th annual VES Award with our diploma film “Chocolate Man” in Los Angeles, right after I graduated from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

  5. winning the

    VES Award & Student Oscar

    Our student short film “The Beauty” won the 18th annual VES Award in Los Angeles. And if that wasn’t incredible enough, we got notified that we also won the Student Oscar 2020!